Music Apps to Beat The Mid-Day Slump

Good music can be an effective productivity enhancer. It can calm your mind and put it in focus or simply make you feel less stressed and more relaxed, making your workday more efficient.

Naturally, it depends on what type of music you listen to. If you’re in favor of music in the workplace, here’s a selection of free music apps to help you find the best music for your office.


We’ve all heard of Spotify. The app (which has an easy-to-use free version alongside the premium one) offers over 30 million songs from various legendary and upcoming artists.

You can create a playlist, follow other people or choose a playlist based on your mood (e.g. focus, easy listening, etc.) The free version is ad-supported, so you’ll hear a short ad every couple of songs.


Another one that we’ve probably all heard of. Pandora is comparable to Spotify’s radio feature, and the two are the biggest competitors in the market. It’s a free music streaming app that allows you to choose stations based on your favorite artists and discover new music. They curate the music for you (unlike Spotify’s playlist offerings). Pandora also has a free and premium version. The free version has short ads and also limits the number of times you can skip songs.


Q is a music sharing app from our office neighbors over at Tunespeak. The app allows you to set up your “Q” of music (from Spotify and Youtube) that you can collaborate on with friends and co-workers. Q is a great way to let everyone weigh in on the office music choices to mix things up a bit.

Google Play

The best thing about Google Play is that it allows you to upload your own music ad-free (similar to iTunes). You can upload up to 50,000 of your own songs alongside their music offerings.

So if you already have your own tracks and want to listen to them in addition to a streaming music app, Google Play is a perfect option.

Amazon Music

Another Goliath that offers a music app is Amazon. Like Google and Apple, they have access to scale so you’re likely to find always the most recent albums, artists, etc.

You can upload up to 250 of your own songs and have them synced across devices. It’s easy to use, has a nice interface and works on a range of devices.

The Future FM

Here’s something different. The Future FM is a free music platform streaming DJ mixes, live sets, from nightclubs, concerts, festivals.

The original idea is to publish a long-form DJ content from the world’s best DJs. Unlike the above apps, it stands out from the pack by giving you a different music experience. It might not be right for every office, but it’s sure to keep things interesting

Slacker Radio

Slacker is a free music app that allows you to pick a genre you like and listen to pre-programmed streaming radio stations.

It also allows you to create new playlists and stations and keep track of your favorite songs, recently played songs, and so on.

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