Amazing Photo Editing Apps for Your Better Selfie Pics

We live in a world where our phones can instantly download music, track how many steps we take every day, and pretty much give us any nugget of information we could ever ask for—yet most of our devices still deliver sub-par pics. Luckily, technology has given us some of the best photo editing apps so we can feel like pros without spending a lot of money or time.

If you’re on the hunt for a great selfie editor app, you’re not alone. That said, here’s a complete guide to the best ones.


This app is more about adding fun text and effects to your photos, but it also features ways to improve the actual photo, as well. If you upgrade to PicLab HD, you’ll have access to icLab HD features full layer-based editing and also packs plenty of tools for making your original photo look its best, with loads of lighting and film effects to choose from as well as preset photo filters and adjustment tools for fine-tuning the brightness, contrast, exposure, saturation, and the blur level of your photos.


Another skin-perfecting app, CreamCam—which is free—uses swipe functions to tweak imperfections like pimples, shine, flyaway hairs, uneven skin tone, and shine. The app has two editing features: brightness and blur, both of which can be customized on a sliding scale of zero to 100 percent.

Photo Wonder

This slick free app— which currently has over 100 million users in 218 counties—pretty much does it all. The range of tools are plentiful, and includes “blemish fix” and “make-up.” Plus, there’s a cool collage function, and you can select various backgrounds and frames. It’s also worth noting that it gets excellent reviews on iTunes.


This Google-sponsored app brings a full-scale editing suite to your fingertips, with 29 tools and filters as well as the ability to open JPGs and raw files. Use this to take your selfies or vacation posts to the next level.


Who doesn’t use VSCO by now? If you aren’t, you’ll quickly become obsessed. This free app does more than edit your pics; you can also take pics directly in VSCO, edit video and even emulate film with its advanced presets.

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